Special-TEA Cocktails Inspired by Oscar Nominated Films

This morning when I woke up I enjoyed a hot cup of tea in my favorite, movie inspired mug. (“Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, “ a cult classic about the fear of women realizing the power and strength they already possess.) The tea I chose on this rainy morning is a decadently delicious Swiss ChocolaTEA. It is a Black Tea. It’s strong and bold in flavor with high octane (Caffeinated!), which any good morning tea should be. It is, however, head and shoulders above any run of the mill morning tea. This tea is special! The sweet, but not too sweet, chocolate is almost creamy. It smells like a brownie fresh from the oven. What a way to kick of  the day! It really got me going. I’d say this Culteavo tea is a winner! It should win an award.

As I drank my second and third mug of this yummy chocolate tea, I scrolled through the list of Oscar nominated movies on my phone. The Oscar Awards are this Sunday, March 4th.
My husband and I, being movie buffs, enjoy filling out our own ballots and making Academy Award predictions. Last year we even dressed up. We sip on cocktails and have our own private party at home, just the two of us… and our dog.

The inspiration for this year’s Oscar cocktails – TEA! There are many fun cocktails that you can create with your favorite teas. For this week’s blog post I have made for you a fun list of nominees for my favorite Oscar inspired tea cocktails using today’s star – Swiss ChocolaTEA. You can decide which will bring home the win.

“The Shape of” Mar-TEA-ni – Against all odds, opposites attract in this romantic cocktail.
Shake together with ice, Swiss ChocolaTEA, chocolate vodka and a bit of creme de cacao. Serve in a chilled martini glass and share with the one you love.

The “Get Out” Milkshake– Things are not what they appear to be.
In your blender combine Swiss ChocolaTEA, ice, after eight chocolate mints, cream de menthe liqueur, chocolate liqueur and some chocolate soy milk. Serve in a tall milkshake glass with a squeeze of your favorite chocolate syrup and a fresh mint garnish. Careful. This drink may leave you hypnotized.

“The Phantom” Russian – A fashionable libation for your high society party.
In a tumbler, add ice, Swiss ChocolaTEA, Bailey’s Almond Milk liqueur and a splash of vodka. It will have you in stitches.

“Post” – A Publisher’s Helper – The truth behind this hot chocolate is uncovered.
Add your favorite bourbon, a splash of Grand Marnier to your mug of freshly brewed Swiss ChocolaTEA. No one will be the wiser.

“Dunkirk” Chocolate explosion – A mixer for the allies.
A simple and refreshing combination of Swiss ChocolaTEA and Perrier water served over ice. Try it on the beach.

“Three Billboards” Chocolate Iced Tea – A rebellious beverage I will not let you forget.
Combine Swiss ChocolaTEA, white rum, silver tequila, vodka, and natural cola over ice in a tall glass. Display it for all your neighbors to see.

“Call me” – Be free to be yourself.
Combine Prosecco and chilled Swiss ChocolaTEA, served in a champagne flute with a side of confidence.

“Darkest Hour” – This drink will lead you through the night.
Combine Swiss ChocolaTEA, coffee liqueur and chocolate syrup. Serve over ice and with the company of a historical novel.

“Lady Bird” Mocktail – The perfect drink for your senior prom.
Create any of these Oscar inspired drinks above without the alcohol. Your day will come. Be patient.

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