You don’t have to choose. Why not put tea in your hot cocoa?

These last few weeks of cold weather here in New England are…
March 31, 2018/by Cindy Ingram

Start with Black Tea – Crazy for Kombucha

Start With Black Tea For a Delicious Fermented Treat - We Are…
March 19, 2018/by Cindy Ingram

DIY Green Tea Spa Day

DIY Green Tea Spa Day
Yes, Green tea is delicious. It’s a…
March 11, 2018/by Cindy Ingram

Special-TEA Cocktails Inspired by Oscar Nominated Films

This morning when I woke up I enjoyed a hot cup of tea in my…
March 3, 2018/by Cindy Ingram

Pumpkin Pie Spice – It’s not just for lattes.

Spicy Pumpkin Chili

Here is a quick and easy recipe that you…
February 26, 2018/by Cindy Ingram

A Little Lemon To Brighten Up Your Snowy Day – Bake with Tea

 Kalahari Lemongrass Cake
This is a rich, dense and…
February 19, 2018/by Cindy Ingram

Tea in Your Soup

Golden Himalayan Miso Mushroom Soup

Umami is the fifth taste…
February 11, 2018/by Cindy Ingram

Re-use your steeped teas for delicious recipes

One of the things I adore is re-purposing. As an Oregon native, “Recycle, Re-purpose and Re-use” has always been a way of life...
February 4, 2018/by Cindy Ingram

TEA FOR DINNER – Tea is not just for drinking. It is your new secret ingredient.

The other day I picked up a 2oz tin of Organic Harmony in Balance…
January 28, 2018/by Cindy Ingram

ABOUT CINDY- Our New Tea Lifestyle Blogger

Hello. My name is Cindy. I am a bit of a foodie and a fan of…
January 28, 2018/by Cindy Ingram

Our tea tins

July 15, 2016/by Claudio Schutz