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Our clean food philosophy

A tea state of mind

Tea is more than just a beverage. To our Culteavo family and our customers, it becomes a way of life.

As people make conscious shifts away from processed and artificial drinks and discover tea culture, they also embrace clean, sustainable eating habits. At Culteavo, we believe that these practices go hand-in-hand. What we consume nurtures our bodies and spirits.

We prepare our food in our tearoom from wholesome ingredients that you can pronounce and identify. Fresh, clean and nutritious snacks and lunches help us stand apart from your typical café. We take special care to have a well-rounded variety of vegetarian and gluten free options for our customers with dietary concerns and are happy to customize items when possible.

Our staff practices and understands these lifestyle choices and our food can be tastefully paired with various teas to suit your “tea mood”

Soup of the day

  • Varies daily
    Carrot Ginger, Gazpacho, Chilled Cucumber

Salads & more

  • Kale Salad (v) (gf)
    Massaged kale, goat cheese, beets, olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  • Chakra Caesar Salad (v+) (gf)
    Romaine lettuce, red cabbage, shredded carrots, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, sliced raw almonds with our homemade Almond mustard dressing
  • Caramelized Carrot and Pea Salad (v+) (gf)
    Carrots, peas, star anise, garlic, marinated in our house chai spice dressing
  • Cucumber Poppy Seed Salad (v+) (gf)

    Cucumber, red chillies, poppy seeds, dressed with our house organic green tea infused apple cider dressing

  • Teabbouleh (v+) (gf)
    Quinoa, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs, served with our soy-lemon-tea dressing
  • Rice Souffle (v) (gf)
    Rice, Parmesan cheese and eggs
  • Tuna Salad Veggie Wraps (gf) (lc)
    Tuna, mayonnaise, celery, green apple, shredded carrots, red cabbage and shallots, wrapped in collard leaves
  • Culteavo Veggie Platter for 2 (v+) (gf)
    Cucumber, carrots and celery sticks served with our housemade turmeric pumpkin seed pate and lapsang souchong infused hummus 

The Weekend

served Friday through Sunday

  • Culteavo Sampler Board for two - includes:
  • 2 cups of soup of the day
  • Culteavo Veggie Platter to share
  • Choose 2 side plates from:
    • Cucumber poppy seed salad
    • Caramelized carrots and pea salad
    • Teabbouleh
    • Really green salad with matcha green tea dressing
  • Rice soufflé
  • Afternoon Tea for Two - Includes:
  • Scones
    Traditional or flavored, served with crystal sugar infused butter
  • Tea sandwiches
    Cucumber, Ham and Cheese & Rainbow
  • Dessert
    French Macarons or Fresh Strawberry shortbread
  • Chocolate avocado mousse
  • Teas of choice
    from our menu (Hot or Iced)

Tea sandwiches

  • Cucumber (v)
    Fresh sliced Cucumber, dill cream cheese spread
  • Rainbow (v)
    A tricolor layered cream cheese spread with spinach and peas, carrots and beets
  • Ham and Cheese
    Ham, havarti cheese, dijon mustard butter spread
  • Salmon
    Smoked salmon, greens, dill cream cheese spread

Full Sandwiches

  • Culteavo Turkey Signature
    Sliced turkey breast, greens, provolone, dill pickles, mustard, balsamic glaze, mayo and red pepper spread on multigrain bread
  • Turkey Brioche
    Sliced turkey breast, green apple, brie cheese, Dijon mustard and balsamic glaze on a brioche bun
  • Chickpea Salad Sandwich (v+)
    Chickpeas, celery, onions, dill pickles, bell pepper, vegan mayo, garlic, mustard and lemon juice on multigrain bread

    – OR on romaine leaf (GF and lc option)

Pastries & Desserts

  • Biscotti
    Assorted flavors
  • Biscotti (GF)
    Gluten free
  • Chocolate avocado Mousse (v+) (gf)
  • Scones
    Traditional English or Flavored – served with crystal sugar infused butter
  • Alfies
    Classic Argentinean style crumbly cookies filled with caramelized ‘dulce de leche’. Traditional or chocolate covered.
  • French Macarons (gf)
  • Flourless Frozen Chcolate Cake (v+) (gf)
  • Fresh Strawberries & vanilla cream

Order by Phone

Prefer to make your reservation via phone? Give us a call! You can contact us during business ours at  (860) 470 5121

Opening hours:
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Food Reference Guide

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